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Moxifloxacin General Information

Avelox (generic name: moxifloxacin hydrochloride; trade names include: Moxicip / Moxif / Vigamox) is a synthetic broad spectrum antibacterial agent of the fluoroquinolone class.

Avelox is highly active against many different bacteria, including those that are most likely to contribute to acute bacterial sinusitis, acute exacerbations of chronic bronchitis, and community-acquired pneumonia.

Avelox has also been proven effective in the treatment of skin and skin structure infections and intra-abdominal infections caused by certain bacteria. Avelox rapidly travels to the site of infection, and provides fast clinical recovery.

Avelox has a well-characterized safety profile, which has been studied in over 14,000 patients in clinical trials and 92,000 patients in post marketing surveillance studies. Furthermore Avelox has been used to treat 109 million patients worldwide.

Avelox is available under the trade name Moxicip manufactured by Cipla.


Recommendations for Avelox

Follow the directions for using this medicine provided by your doctor. Take Avelox exactly as directed.

The standard dose of Avelox is 400 mg (orally or as an intravenous infusion) once every 24 hours. The duration of treatment depends upon the severity of infection and the usual duration is 7 to 14 days.


Moxifloxacin Precautions

Tell your doctor before taking Avelox, if:

you are allergic to any medicines;

you have abnormal heart rhythm;

you have low potassium levels in your body;

you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Avelox is for use in adults only.


What Avelox Contains?

Active ingredient: moxifloxacin.


How much does Avelox cost?

The price for Avelox starts at $2.25